Gunning For That Job Promotion?

9/01/2020 by Tim Colthorp

Gunning For That Job Promotion? Here's How To Get It!

It takes more than just doing good work to get a job promotion. If you are looking to move up the ladder, you want the decision-makers and leaders in your company to know you are ready and deserving. These people in the position to advance your career have to see you are able and prepared to take on more responsibility. To show this quality, you have to consistently do your best and remain focused and dedicated to your job.

If you are ready for that next job promotion and don't want to risk being passed by, consider these work habits to get yourself noticed. Even small changes in work habits are noticed, and if you are ready to advance, follow some of these tips to show management you are ready.

Being a Team Player Gets You Noticed for a Job Promotion

Employers want team players in the position of management and someone who is committed to helping the greater good of the business through collaboration. Those responsible for promoting others look for someone who thinks in terms of 'we' and not 'I.' To demonstrate this quality, you want to volunteer your efforts before being asked, and not just to receive a reward, but to better the business.

When you go above and beyond what is expected in your job outline, it gains you attention. It tells the decision-makers and leaders in your company that you are ready to take on more and help you be one of the first considered for a job promotion.

Taking the Initiative Makes You Noticeable for a Job Promotion

When the leaders and decision-makers in your company see that you are committed to improving and developing your skills, it tells them you are ready to advance. Look for learning opportunities inside the workplace and out. Don't be afraid to use your own money to register for webinars or attend conferences as this can pay off in the long run when you achieve that job promotion. You can also look for projects outside of your department to become involved with to show your career is important to you and that you are serious about the company succeeding.

Showing Leadership Qualities Helps You Land a Job Promotion

When you display confidence, decisiveness, trustworthiness, and passion in your work habits, you show excellent leadership qualities. These qualities are what the decision makers in a business are looking for in the candidates for a job promotion. Don't get mixed up in office politics or develop bad habits, such as consistently being late to work as your work habits should display good role model qualities. Leadership qualities are what will get you noticed by management for that next job promotion.

Being Involved Gets You Noticed for the Next Job Promotion

It takes more than just paying attention at meetings or writing down notes to be noticed. Being involved or engaged means you are an active member of your company, and you want to attend every opportunity presented to share new ideas and share success. Show your commitment to your company's leaders and share in the success of your co-workers to get yourself noticed for that next job promotion.

Be Goal-Oriented and Set Your Path Towards that Next Job Promotion

During your next sit-down with your boss, decide what your goals are within the company and discuss them so your boss can help you achieve them. By letting leaders know your professional career goals, they can offer opportunities to you to help you grow and provide you the support needed to reach them. Don't talk about out-growing the company with plans to 'jump ship' or have a goal to take over your boss's position, talk about ways you think your boss can help you get the next job promotion.

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