Five Resume Tips to Help You Land That New Job

4/19/2021 by Tim Colthorp

If you are looking for work or a new career in the State of Michigan or the surrounding area, recruiters are going to be looking at your resume to define you. If you have an excellent, masterfully written resume, you are going to stand out against all other applicants. Your resume is what stands between you landing an interview, and having your application tossed aside.

While you might feel you don't need any resume tips because you know the basics of filling out your work history and job skills, there are some tricks you should learn to take your resume to the next level. These are five simple resume tips you should know that could help you land that dream job you've been waiting for. 

1. The Two-Page Resume

A study on resumes conducted by Business Insider discovered recruiters prefer two-page resumes over the standard one-page most often seen. There were more than 400 participants in the study. The data after the study showed these professional participants were 2.3 times more likely to accept resumes with two pages as opposed to those that were only one-page documents. Resume tips like this will help you get an edge over others applying for the same position as you. 

2. Use a Resume Writing Service

Great resume tips include using the services of a writing service to put your document together. You don't have to be the one who creates your resume as there are professionals available with a wealth of writing experience that can write your resume for you. 

Be careful with the service you choose as you want to be sure:

  • The writers have the experience you are expecting
  • Their form includes all the highlights you want to be listed in your resume
  • To read the small print and check what their guarantees are for performing the writing of your resume

3. Use the Applicant Tracking System Algorithms

Many or almost all major corporations today use an applicant tracking system to screen resumes during the preliminary stages of the hiring process. Great resume tips include using this system to your advantage. 

The system scores your resume on how many matching keywords are identified, so resume tips include employing a trick, so your resume scores high. The keywords in the tracking system are those mentioned in the description of the job opening. 

By putting in a little extra time and effort, you can make sure your resume uses the same phrases and terminology as you see in the job description. Resume tips like this will ensure your resume earns a top score. 

4. Do Not Put Your Address On Resume if You Are Out of Area for Position

If you do not live in the State of Michigan or the surrounding area but are looking to relocate for the right position, don't put your out-of-area address on your resume. Some employers may prefer hiring from the area as they are worried about relocation fees or practicality issues. 

Resume tips for creating a better resume include leaving out-of-area addresses off the resume, but including your address if you are near where the position is opening. Some employers are more comfortable with hiring people from the area where their business is located. 

5. Use a Resume Template

You don't have to write your resume entirely from scratch. Google has a fantastic method of finding you some stellar resume templates free of charge. Resume tips such as this one can save you time and help you create a document that will look and sound more professional. A template will also remove the risk of you making spacing mistakes or obvious margin errors. 

You do not want to get too fancy with the design of your template. The templates with complex design techniques can be difficult for the applicant tracking system, so these are not worth the risk. 

Where to Find That Next Great Job

CareerMatrix uses a variety of options to upload your resume. Resume tips for writing a great resume are incredibly useful, but you also need to know how to get your resume seen. CareerMatrix can upload your resume, and when a new job comes up that matches your criteria, you can apply with the touch of a button. 

We attract the best Michigan companies looking for new talent, and by using these five resume tips, we can get your stellar resume out for recruiters to see.