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Tim Colthorp

Gunning For That Job Promotion?

9/01/2020Tim Colthorp
Gunning For That Job Promotion? Here's How To Get It!It takes more than just doing good work to get a job promotion. If you are looking to move up the ladder, you want the decision-makers and leaders in your company to know you are ready and deserving. These people in the position to advance your...

Tips For Getting Your Resume Noticed

6/16/2020Tim Colthorp
Finding a way to get your resume noticed when looking for employment in the West Michigan jobs classifications can be challenging. There are tips for you; however, that can help you bypass the applicant tracking system, and make your resume stand out among the others.Applicant tracking system (AT...

Amazon now hiring in Grand Rapids

2/11/2020Tim Colthorp
The Amazon fulfillment center in Grand Rapids is now ready to fill over a thousand great position. The gigantic 2.2 million square feet Amazon Fulfillment center in Grand Rapids is located in Gains township, and was completed in the fall of 2019. Amazon is now ready to launch with great jobs at a...

Gerald R. Ford International Airport 140 nonstop routes

2/01/2020Tim Colthorp
Gerald R. Ford International Airport has announced that Allegiant Airlines will be offering three new seasonal non stop flights to: Los Angeles, Boston and, Austin, Texas. This brings GRR to 140 daily nonstop flights, to 35 major market destinations.West Michigan is a great place for business and...

Grand Rapids Manufacturing is 3rd in the nation

2/01/2020Tim Colthorp
AdvisorSmith conducted a nationwide study for the Top Cities Where Manufacturing is Thriving by City Size.Among the large cities in the nation, Grand Rapids came in third, beating out another Michigan city, Detroit who came in ninth. Click here to see the AdvisorSmith ArticleWest Michigan is a Gr...