What To Know When Looking For A New Job

9/24/2020 by Tim Colthorp

What To Know When Looking For A New Job. 

When you set out to look for a new career or job, there are considerations to take into account beyond what your new paycheck will amount to. How much money you will bring home is definitely a consideration, but it doesn't mean this will make you the happiest. Your new job search should also include looking at these pros and cons as well.

How Many Hours Will You Work?

Not all jobs offer ideal working hours. When you begin your new job search, you should have a set idea of what hours you are willing to devote. Ask prospective employers what their expectations are for regular working hours, and if they have any requirements for overtime hours. Make sure you understand if working hours involve weekends, holidays, or late-night, early-morning times. These working conditions could significantly impact how happy you would be in a new position and should be considered in your new job search.

Meet the Team You Will Work Beside

Office culture plays a huge role in how happy you will be in a new position. During your interview process, you should try to meet as many other employees as possible that you would work beside. The hiring manager will give you information regarding the team's dedication and talents, but speaking with them yourself will provide you with more of an impression of their dynamics and management.

A new job search should also have you looking at who your managers will be and the administration staff. Look into whether or not they have a track record for supporting staff, or do they offer mentorship for junior talent? Who you will work for in a new job search is as important, or more so, to where you will work.

A New Job Search Should Include Growth Opportunities

When you are interviewing during your new job search, you should ask if there are opportunities to grow within the company. This question paints you as a better candidate for the position and shows the hiring manager you are ready to invest time and talents into the company. Looking at the company's employees' social media sites is also an excellent example of how long one remains in the same position.

A New Job Search Should Include Looking at the Company's Stability and History

You should be researching during a new job search. Look into the potential company's track record of laying employees off or if they have experienced any cutbacks in staffing. Knowing if they have made headlines for reaching milestones in their business or have expanded their company is also useful information. You could uncover other information during your research if they present any red flags, such as financial troubles or legal issues. Know the company's stability and history before committing to a position during your new job search.

A New Job Search Should Include Knowing What Benefits are Offered

Your benefits package is almost as important as your salary or wage during a new job search. It is essential to ask a potential employer what benefits they offer along with their wage. Before you sign an employment agreement, understand what they provide for retirement, insurance, paid time-off, and bonuses, and make sure these benefits live up to your expectations.

Along with benefits, many companies now offer perks to employees. During your interview process, ask if there are any available to you if you work for them. Common perks now offered include gym memberships, wellness plans, pre-tax travel options, educational opportunities, and even reimbursement of costs if you relocate.

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