Follow Up After a Job Interview


Why You Should Follow Up After a Job Interview

According to hiring managers, it is critical that you follow up after an interview. More than 20% of the hiring managers asked about the hiring process, stated they dismiss applicants who do not send a post-interview thank-you to them. Without this out-reach, it is their impression the interviewee shows poor follow-through and a lack of interest in the position.

How You Should Follow Up After a Job Interview

In a study of the job interview protocol, more than 80% of the hiring managers interviewed stated they want to see a follow up on the interview within two weeks. The follow up should begin before you even leave the meeting. It would help if you asked the manager when they expect to decide on the position. Knowing this time frame will give you an idea of how to time your attempts.

While you are at your job interview, you should maintain a gracious, patient, positive, and interesting demeanor. Here are some tips on how to conduct yourself when seeking a job.

What to Say Following Your Job Interview

You will want to reach out to the hiring manager, or the one who conducted your job interview within two days following the meeting. You can use technology by using your phone to send off a message or send a hand-written note, as long as it is within 48 hours after the interview.

Send a note to each individual who was present in the interview, and address them by name. Do not use the 'copy and paste' option if using your phone, or repeat word for word if sending a hand-written message. The more personal you are, the more your likability will increase.

Begin by thanking them for their time, the opportunity to meet them, and acknowledge you appreciate the fact they took time from their day to meet and talk with you. You can then state why you feel your skills would benefit them if accepted for the position.

Conclude your message by covering three points. First state your interest in the position and that you will check back with them in a specified time, and again thank them for their time and consideration. Make the message short, but to the point, as you don't want them to discard a note that looks too long.

A Second Follow Up to a Job Interview

If you have not heard back from your job interview, and have sent an initial follow up, you might feel the hiring manager needs another 'nudge', so you can send a reminder note.

Start your second follow up to your job interview by saying something pleasant, then use a sentence explaining why you are reaching out a second time. If you were given a time frame for a decision, you could start with that by indicating this time frame has expired, and you were wondering whether or not you are being considered for the position.

The second follow up should state something of value, such as any classes or training you've received that would benefit the position. It would be best if you remembered to remain respectful and say you understand they have a schedule and time is limited, but that you would appreciate a response on their decision.

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