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Posted Date 8/09/2018

Pharmacist - Pharmacy * Shift varies - Resource

Requisition #: req420

Shift: Varies

FTE status: 0

On-call: No

Weekends: Yes

General Summary:
The clinical staff pharmacist is responsible for the day-to-day operations of the Pharmacy, under the direction of the Director of Pharmacy Services, Pharmacy Clinical Coordinator and the Pharmacy Operations Supervisor. Clinical pharmacists provide consultation to physicians, nursing staff, and patients regarding the safe, and effective use of medications in all patient populations to promote positive outcomes. Pharmacists supervise the distribution, disposition, security, preparation, and procurement of medications, provide education, and participate in pharmacy clinical services. Additionally, Clinical Pharmacists train, supervise, and direct the efforts of support personnel. Clinical pharmacists participate in quality initiatives involving optimal medication delivery and use.


  • Graduate of an ACPE-accredited School of Pharmacy
  • BS Pharmacy (minimum) and/or – Doctor of Pharmacy degree from an ACPE-accredited college of Pharmacy (preferred)
  • State of Michigan (or reciprocal state) Pharmacist licensure - current / eligible
  • State of Michigan Controlled Substance license. – current / eligible
  • Demonstrates sound professional judgment.
  • Knowledgeable of software applications related to the job including:
    • Word processing software (e.g. Word) - preferred
    • Spreadsheet software (e.g. Excel) - preferred
    • Presentation software (e.g. PowerPoint) - preferred
    • Hospital clinical application(s)
    • Internet browser
    • Information network or infrastructure security
    • Governmental reporting systems (MAPS, MedWatch, VaccineWatch)
  • Knowledgeable of equipment related to the job including:
    • Copier
    • Fax
    • Telephone
    • Computer
    • Scanner
    • Palm or PDAs
    • Barcode enabled devices
    • Automated dispensing equipment
    • Robotics

Essential Functions and Responsibilities:

  1. Ensures safe, appropriate, cost-effective medication therapies for patients according to established policies, procedures, protocols, directives, or pharmacy operation standards.
    1. Participates in development, implementation, and maintenance of clinical pharmacy services.
    2. Participates in the development and implementation of treatment guidelines, protocols, formulary changes, policy and procedures, and critical pathways as approved by appropriate committees.
    3. Monitors drug therapy regimens for contraindications, drug-drug interactions, drug-food interactions, allergies, and appropriateness of drug and dose
    4. Participates in pharmacokinetic (TDM- Therapeutic Dose Monitoring service) consults, renal drug intervention screening, IV to oral conversions, patient care rounds, and other patient-specific consults or interventions as assigned
    5. Sustains the formulary by minimizing non-formulary procurements, utilizing therapeutic substitution protocols, and promoting rational drug therapy selection.
    6. Participates in the pharmacy's pharmacoeconomic efforts. Reviews the use of targeted medications for compliance with current pharmacoeconomic programs.
    7. Provides clinical consultation and clarification to practitioners. Suggests appropriate, cost-effective therapeutic alternatives to medical staff as needed.
    8. The following are daily distributive pharmacist functions.
      1. Receives, interprets, clarifies (if necessary), and institutes action on all medication orders and outpatient prescriptions.
      2. Completes a profile review concurrently while verifying physician orders focusing on duplication, in-complete orders, interactions, interferences, or incompatibilities.
      3. Supervises the preparation of sterile IV admixtures.
      4. Prepares chemotherapy.
      5. Has oversight of the procurement process to assure the safest, most cost effective products are used for each patient order.
      6. Prepares or supervises the production of other compounded or extemporaneous medications.
      7. Fills or checks the filling of automated drug dispensing machines.
      8. Fills or checks the filling of unit dose carts.
      9. Checks all pre-packaging and set-ups done by supportive personnel.
      10. Supervises the filling of controlled substance requests for nursing stations.
      11. Supervises the restocking of drug boxes for area ambulances.
      12. Keeps records of controlled substances, reports discrepancies to Pharmacy Director.
      13. Assists in completion of annual inventory.
  2. Provides education and information on pharmaceutical care and drug therapy.
    1. Provides accurate, adequate, and timely drug information to the professional staff.
    2. Provides drug information to patients and caregivers.
    3. Contributes to pharmacy newsletter(s) for physicians and other health care professionals.
    4. Supervises and instructs pharmacy students on clinical rotations.
    5. Under supervision / approval of Director or Clinical Coordinator, participates in clinical data collection, and preparation and/or presentation of drug reviews, medication use evaluations, antibiograms, adverse drug reaction reports, medication event reports, and pharmacy clinical workload reports.
  3. Contributes to the quality and effective operation of the department.
    1. Works independently with minimal supervision. Organizes and prioritizes work assignments. Ensures pharmacy services or assigned work tasks are completed in a timely manner.
    2. Supervises and directs pharmacy support personnel. Verifies the daily activities of pharmacy technicians. Participates in the performance appraisal of pharmacy support personnel.
    3. Supervises and directs support personnel regarding the completion of monthly floor stock inspections.
    4. Keeps pharmacy areas and equipment clean, neat, safe, and well organized.
    5. Establishes productive, collaborative relationships with staff members.
    6. Assists other department personnel in completion of their duties.
    7. Answers the telephone and directs calls as necessary.
    8. Other duties as necessary.
  4. Communication skills
    1. Demonstrates effective oral and written communication skills in order to provide clear, unbiased information in a positive customer service fashion by referencing, when necessary, primary literature sources, reference texts, databases, online resources, or evidence based (consensus) medicine.
  5. Meetings
    1. Attends and participates Pharmacy staff meetings.
    2. Attends assigned intradepartmental structure meetings and completes assignments pursuant to those committee activities.
    3. Attends and participates in other programs, committees, meetings, and functions required by the health system or Pharmacy.
  6. Safety and Quality Improvement
    1. Participates in the quality improvement and medication use review activities of the Department and the Hospital to prevent adverse drug events and to promote the effective use of medications. Collects data; conducts quality monitors and inspections and maintains logs, records and other documentation as assigned. (examples - external: LeapFrog, BCBS, ISMP, MPRO, internal: pharmacist order review/entry, medication event reporting). These activities will be monitored via annual performance reviews.
    2. Documents all clinical activities and interventions accurately and completely as assigned.
    3. Detects and reports actual and potential adverse drug reactions and medication events in a timely manner, consistent with hospital medication safety policies.
    4. Follows appropriate incident reporting polices as related to employees, visitors, and patients.
    5. Utilizes personal protective equipment and safety precautions at all times when handling hazardous or potential infectious materials.
    6. Follows policies and procedures with respect to fire and disaster drills.
    7. Provides a safe environment for patients, visitors, and staff.
    8. Cooperates and participates in departmental and health system quality initiatives.
    9. Contributes to the improvement of services through the sharing of ideas / knowledge with supervisors and co-workers.
    10. Promotes and champions the evaluation of new technologies, information, clinical services, or other mechanisms that enhance or improve the ability of the Department and Hospital as a whole to provide safe and effective pharmaceutical care.
  7. Additional skills
    1. Knowledgeable of software applications related to the job including:
      1. Word
      2. Excel
      3. PowerPoint
      4. Hospital clinical application(s)
      5. Internet browser
      6. Information network or infrastructure security
      7. Governmental reporting systems (MAPS, MedWatch, VaccineWatch)
    2. Knowledgeable of equipment related to the job including:
      1. Copier
      2. Fax
      3. Telephone
      4. Computer
      5. Scanner
      6. Palm or PDAs
      7. Barcode enabled devices
      8. Automated dispensing equipment
      9. Robotics
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