Manufacturing Engineering Technician

Light Metals Corporation | Wyoming, MI

Posted Date 2/07/2020

Light Metals Corporation is seeking a Manufacturing Engineering Technician to support production launch of all new products and Continuous Improvement activity of existing products.


  • CNC cycle time reduction.
  • Create written PM programs for new & existing production equipment.
  • Create written Setup & Changeover instructions.
  • Setup, adjustment, & maintenance of Machining Centers.
  • Provide training to Maintenance staff, Tool Room staff, Setup staff, lead persons, & machine operators.
  • Work with Quality to determine root cause of quality issues and implement solutions.
  • Support continuous improvement efforts.
  • Construct and modify chip collection & slug collection systems.
  • Improve work cells to reduce part damage & improve process flow.
  • Design, construct, and modify part fixturing.
  • Build, install, improve, & repair machine guarding.
  • Build, install, & test machine controls for new equipment.
  • Modify “Off the shelf” machinery for specific production requirements.
  • Design, construct, & install Poke/Yoke elements to error proof multi-step production processes.
  • Install and integrate Biometric systems for access control, machine fault resets, and failed part containment.
  • Improve part packing for handling WIP to reduce damage and packaging cost.

Desired Skills & Experience / Knowledge:

  • CNC G-code programming.
  • CAD/CAM – AutoCad / Inventor.
  • PLC programming & trouble shooting.
  • Stamping press controls, die protection, & safety systems.
  • Stamping Die experience – construction, setup and repair.
  • Lubrication systems – stamping die sets, saws, mills, drills, etc.
  • Pneumatic systems including air logic valves, timers, limit switches, & cylinders.
  • Hydraulic systems including pumps, valves, safety devices, & cylinders.
  • Vision systems - Cognex or Keyence camera systems.
  • Fabrication, Welding, & Machining experience.
  • Mechanical trouble shooting & repair.
  • Electrical / Machine Control trouble shooting & repair.
Job Type
Full time
Apply normally -or AIP (Apply in Person)
Normal (Candidates apply normally)

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