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Metron Integrated Health Systems | Greenville, MI

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Posted Date 4/04/2019
Metron of Forest Hills is seeking a Full and Part time food and nutrition aide.
  • Belding
  • Forest Hills
  • Cedar Springs
  • Greenville
  • Lamont
Knowledge and Abilities - Able to read, write, and follow written and oral instructions including some calculations. Basic knowledge of attractive food service, sanitation and safety.
  1. Preparation of Food and Meal Trays
  2. Deliver and Return Food Carts
  3. Deliver Between Meal Nourishments
  4. Adhere to Sanitary and Safety Standards and Requirements
  5. Communicate Effectively
  6. Promote Positive Public Relations for the Facility
  7. Perform Other Tasks as Required
  8. Attend Meetings as Required
  1. Preparation of Food and Meal Trays
    1. Prepare vegetables for cooking
    2. Prepare and serve salads and desserts using standardized recipes
    3. Work at assigned cold or hot food station in central tray line
    4. Set up trays quickly and accurately in neat attractive arrangement according to posted menu
    5. Place cold foods, condiments, serving containers, dishes, silverware, etc., appropriate to meal being served and individual preferences
    6. Carefully follow directions in serving modified diets adhering to mealtime schedules and following standardized recipes and methods of preparation
    7. Adheres to specified portion controls
    8. Serve late or "hold" trays
  2. Deliver and Return Food Carts
    1. Deliver cart with food trays to patient areas
    2. Assist with tray distribution, as desired
    3. Return food carts from patient area to dishwashing area
  3. Deliver Between Meal Nourishments
    1. Prepare appropriate snacks or special nourishments according to specifications
    2. Ensure delivery at proper time
  4. Adhere to Sanitary and Safety Standards and Requirements
    1. Maintain good personal hygiene and adhere to uniform requirement
    2. Wear hairnet or hair cap in food service areas
    3. Clean work areas and equipment such as counter tops, steam table, coffee urn, refrigerators
    4. Know and report potential sanitation or safety hazards in the kitchen, dining room or other areas
    5. Handle materials carefully to avoid breakage
    6. Transport garbage to outdoor receptacle, as needed
    7. Attend in-service programs, as required
    8. Adhere to Universal Precautions and Facility Infection Control Policies and Procedures
    9. Adhere to the Dietary Cleaning Schedules
    10. Mixes clean-up solutions
  5. Communicates Effectively
    1. Report pertinent events of the day to Supervisor prior to leaving shift
    2. Report menu/substitutional change needs when situation indicates.
    3. Report equipment malfunction to supervisor and/or Administrator
  6. Promote Favorable Public Relations
    1. Maintain courteous, tactful, and helpful manner when dealing with patients, staff and visitors
    2. Represent the Facility in a positive manner
    3. Maintain confidentiality in accordance with HIPAA guidelines
  7. Perform Other Tasks as Required
    1. Must be able to follow emergency and evacuation procedures
    2. Assist with special Facility occasions
    3. Assist in clean up of dining room, as needed
    4. Stores food items and supplies
    5. Adhere to Patient rights and report suspected deviations to immediate supervisor
  8. Attend Meetings as Required
    1. Attend staff meetings as scheduled
    2. Attend other meetings as required
Position Requirements
Some previous experience as a waitress or food service worker is desirable
We are an equal employment opportunity employer. All qualified applicants will receive consideration for employment without regard to race, color, religion, gender, national origin, disability status, protected veteran status or any other characteristic protected by law.
Job Type
Full time | Part Time | Weekends Only

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