Maintenance Facility Supervisor

DeWys Manufacturing, Inc. | Marne, MI

Posted Date 11/04/2019
  • Reviews maintenance work orders to determine work priorities. Schedules repair, maintenance, and installation of machines, tools, and equipment to ensure continuous production operations. Plans, organizes and assigns work to utilize skills, ability and experience of available team members to obtain most favorable repair costs, quality of workmanship and prevent interruption of production schedules.
  • Provides instruction, guidance and supervision in the repair, fabrication, assembly and maintenance of machinery, equipment and facility. Coordinates the activities of outside contractors and other engaged in repairs, overhauling or rebuilding equipment and machinery at DeWys.
  • Coordinates activities of team members fabricating or modifying machines, tools, or equipment to manufacture new products or improve existing products.
  • Directs maintenance activities on utility systems to provide continuous supply of heat, steam, electric power, gas, or air required for operations.
  • Develops preventive maintenance program including periodic inspections, repairs and lubrications.
  • Inspects operating machines and equipment for conformance with operational standards.
  • Requisitions tools, equipment, and supplies required for operations.
  • Determines the skills and knowledge requirements for the maintenance team. Identifies personnel requirements in maintenance team. Analyzes training needs of each team member. Develops and implements appropriate training plans in maintenance team and coordinates training with Training Team Resource Individuals.
  • Confers with management, engineering, and quality control personnel to resolve maintenance problems and recommend measures to improve operations and conditions of machines and equipment.
  • Prepares department budget and monitors expenditure of funds in budget. Responsible for purchasing of all maintenance tools and equipment. Also involved in all capital equipment purchase decisions.
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Full time
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