Hospitality Coordinator at HeartSide Ministries

Mel Trotter Ministries | Grand Rapids, MI

Posted Date 8/09/2019

Position Summary:

The Hospitality Coordinator with Heartside ministries are responsible for greeting, engaging, and assisting neighbors with needs and facilitating their involvement in the ministry’s program. The Hospitality Coordinator must maintain order and public safety in the reception and common area while enforcing the Ministry’s rules of conduct policies and procedures, while working to resolve conflicts through diplomacy before they escalate.


Essential Responsibilities:

  1. Welcomes visitors and conducts tours as appropriate.
  2. Greets, engages and assists Neighbors with their needs and facilitates their involvement in the ministry's programs.
  3. Informs and refers Neighbors to resources within and outside the Ministry.
  4. Works collaboratively with other Ministry coordinators to ensure the Neighbors are being served effectively and their needs are being met in the way that is most appropriate for them.
  5. Maintains order and public safety in the reception area and common area.
  6. Calls for assistance from staff, volunteers or public safety workers (police, fire or EMT) as appropriate.
  7. Opens and closes Ministry according to protocol.
  8. Trains, supervises and supports volunteer receptionists.
  9. Receives and distributes mail for Neighbors.
  10. Assists Ministry partners in using assigned space and works with supervisors when there is a scheduling conflict.
  11. Disseminates information about community events through signs and community calendar.
  12. Answers Ministry phone with consistent professional courtesy.
  13. Publicly and professionally represents the Ministry to guests and callers.
  14. Maintains and distributes hospitality items to neighbors in a fair and consistent manner and according to ministry policy.
  15. Accepts in-kind donations and issues receipts for in-kind donations.


Non-Essential Responsibilities:

  1. Enforces the Ministry rules of conduct, policies and procedures and works to resolve conflicts through diplomacy before they escalate.
  2. Promotes trust and encourages Neighbors, referring them to program managers and coordinators where deemed necessary
  3. Creates and nurtures a learning environment in which participants feel safe and supported.
  4. Regularly participates in the Ministry's leadership team through staff meetings.
  5. Assists with planning and execution of Ministry events.
  6. Performs other duties as assigned.


Supervision Received: General

General Direction: Plans and arranges own work. Uses a wide range of procedures to accomplish assigned objectives.



Education & Experience:

  1. One (1) to two (2) years of experience in Hospitality, Customer Service or related area.
  2. High school diploma or GED required.



Other Knowledge, Skills & Abilities:

  1. Compatibility with the philosophy and mission of Heartside Ministry.
  2. Concern with social justice issues addressed by the Ministry.
  3. Extensive understanding of customer service principles.
  4. Excellent written and oral communication skills, interpersonal skills, and problem solving skills.
  5. Ability to work independently and as part of the Ministry team.
  6. Sensitivity to diverse cultural and ethnic traditions.
  7. Ability to maintain order and resolve conflict constructively.
  8. Ability to maintain confidentiality.


Core Competencies: Decision Making, Patience, Enthusiastic, Problem Solving, Resource Management

  1. Conflict Management: Ability to deal effectively with others in difficult situations and create appropriate resolutions to reduce tension and come to a consensus.
  2. Customer Orientation: A desire to serve clients by focusing efforts on listening and responding effectively to customer questions, resolving customer problems to their satisfaction, and evaluating customer satisfaction.
  3. Enthusiastic: Eagerness or sense of excitement one brings to the position.
  4. Relationship Building: Ability to establish and maintain a good rapport and cooperative relationship with customers and co-workers.
  5. Self Motivated: Ability to reach a goal or perform a task with little supervision or direction.


Job Type
Part Time
Apply normally -or AIP (Apply in Person)
Normal (Candidates apply normally)

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