Tooling Administrator

Advance Packaging Corporation | Grand Rapids, MI

Posted Date 4/26/2021

Advance Packaging Corporation is seeking a Tooling Administrator to Source and Purchase tooling in support of the manufacture of corrugated boxes.. Measure and evaluate tooling life expectations to provide historical data in support of design and machine run selection to reduce cost, increase machine efficiency and extend tooling life. Evaluate vendor resources to identify vendor strengths and create an approved vendor list that supports needs of various departments including customer service, design and graphic requirements. Work with die shop in assigning die numbers and maintaining die records. Coordinate repairs to current tooling and the purging of "obsolete" printing mats and dies. Establish and maintain electronic and physical files for new and updated printing mats and cutting dies. Review all new specs ensuring accuracy. Copy and maintain current item picture onto each print/customer factory ticket. Build computer-generated pictures whenever possible. Update print files to reflect customer changes and tool ownership. Maintain old factory ticket files.
Position requires:
Education and/or experience in CAD, Packaging Design, Graphics printing.
Ability to operate company software or similar software necessary.
Artios CAD and Illustrator software a plus.
Communicate both in writing and verbally with tack, discretion and professionalism.
It is normally expected that an individual newly assigned to this position can become fully qualified and proficient within 8 months of on-the-job experience.
Job Benefits
Excellent benefits including:
• Choice of three Health Plans
• Dental
• Vision
• Short Term Disability
• Vacation pay
• Holiday pay
• Paid Medical Leave
• Child Care reimbursement
• Tuition Refund
• PIPP Bonus Plan
• Perfect Attendance Bonus
• Improvement Plan Bonus
• 401(k) with match
• Profit Sharing
• Wellness Plan
• Employee Assistance Program

EEO Employer
Job Location - - - - -  4459 40th Street, Grand Rapids, MI, 49512
Working Hours- - - - 8:00AM - 5:00PM
Pay Rate- - - - - - - - -$20.00-$25.00 Per hour

Salary20.00 Hour
Job Type
Full time
Apply normally -or AIP (Apply in Person)
Normal (Candidates apply normally)

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