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Posted Date 5/01/2018

Physician Assistant - Thoracic Surgery

Requisition #: req213

Shift: Days

FTE status: 1

On-call: No

Weekends: No

General Summary:

Metro Health - University of Michigan Health is looking for a Physician Assistant to work with a Thoracic Surgeon. Surgery and procedure management (i.e. chest tubes) experience required. This position will be working 60% Inpatient and 40% Outpatient. The Physician Assistant must have experience working in a surgical or pulmonary area.

The Physician Assistant functions in an advanced clinical role to provide medical services to individuals, families, and groups. Comprehensive physical examination and health assessment are used to promote health, prevent disease, and diagnose and manage common acute and stable chronic disease. Other services include but are not limited to ordering/conducting/interpreting diagnostic and laboratory tests, prescribing pharmacological and non-pharmacological therapies, and making appropriate referrals. The Physician Assistant may need to be available on an on-call basis according to a rotation schedule which the specific practice establishes.

Essential Functions and Responsibilities:


  1. Basic Medical Knowledge - The physician assistant possesses medical knowledge/skills comparable to that normally found in the medical community for the applicant’s specialty.
  2. Professional Knowledge/Judgment - Physician Assistant is able to apply medical knowledge in establishing accurate diagnosis and appropriate treatment plans.
  3. Responsibility/Dependability - Patients, colleagues and supervising physician can depend on physician assistant/nurse practitioner to fulfill commitments. Physician Assistant accepts responsibility for his/her own professional decisions.
  4. Ethical Conduct - Physician Assistant upholds standards of ethics, as defined by his/her affiliated professional organizations. Physician Assistant places patient care above personal gain.
  5. Clinical Competence - Physician Assistant’s patient outcomes are generally positive.
  6. Cooperativeness/Interpersonal Relations - Physician Assistant cooperates with and listens to the opinions of others. Physician Assistant treats patients, colleagues and staff with respect and courtesy.
  7. Compliance with Metropolitan Health Corporation and Related Subsidiaries Policies – Physician Assistant is familiar with and complies with Metropolitan Health Corporation and Related Subsidiaries standards and/or policies and procedures.
  8. Respect - Physician Assistant has a favorable reputation in the professional and lay communities for quality of medical practice.
  9. Accuracy/Timeliness - Physician Assistant’s medical record documentation and/or verbal reports are accurate and comply with Metropolitan Health Corporation and Related Subsidiaries policy.
  10. Initiative - Physician Assistant takes independent initiative to successfully follow through on tasks assigned to him/her.
  11. Communication - Physician Assistant is able to effectively communicate with others, including subordinates, peers and superiors.
  12. Health Status - Physician Assistant’s health status enables him/her to perform the job without accommodation.
  13. Professionalism - Physician Assistant’s attire and appearance are appropriate for the position.
  14. Confidentiality - Physician Assistant appropriately maintains patient confidentiality and does not publicly discuss private patient information.
  15. Attendance - Physician Assistant attends all required training and business meetings.


  1. Physician Assistant seeks consultations with the supervising physician, as appropriate, on complex cases in which he/she is unable to reach a conclusive diagnosis.
  2. Based on quality assessment findings, physician assistant’s/nurse practitioner’s performance exceeds or meets standards of the medical community and/or his/her peers in the same specialty area.
  3. Coordinate comprehensive care delivery by writing orders and prescriptions and/or administering appropriate medications, therapeutic devices and other measures. Orders and interprets lab, radiological and other testing accurately, and initiates appropriate cost-effective treatment based on findings.
  4. Diagnoses and treats common acute illnesses and injuries, and stable chronic medical conditions. Recognizes conditions requiring consultation with a physician and/or referrals to physicians, and makes appropriate referrals and consultations to ensure continuity of care.
  5. Assesses the patient’s/family’s/staff educational needs and develops, implements, evaluates, and/or revises appropriate teaching strategies/educational programs. Tailors teaching methods to the client’s age/development/ethnic background. Provides clear, accurate information to the client and assesses comprehension.
  6. Collaborates with other healthcare providers to encourage continuity of patient care, teamwork, and delivery of high-quality healthcare in an academic family practice residency setting. This involves consultation with faculty physician preceptors regarding clinical concerns as appropriate. Various methods used to keep intern and resident physicians up to date on their patients (such as recording in chart, oral reports, written notes, phone calls). Interacts with other professionals such as specialist physicians, nurses, social workers, other clinical and non-clinical staff in such a way that promotes teamwork among the participants and facilitates patient care.
  7. Acts as patient advocate, crossing multidisciplinary lines to meet patient needs and to address systems issues, which affect healthcare delivery. Collaborates with all disciplines within and outside of the Metro Health system to increase use and availability of resources to the patient/family. Provides input into development, implementation, and evaluation of the strategic plan of service/program to improve healthcare delivery.


  1. Physician Assistant provides concise, accurate and timely dictations.
  2. Physician Assistant’s dictated reports comply with Metropolitan Health Corporation and Related Subsidiaries protocol.
  3. Physician Assistant utilizes standard, consistent terminology in his/her dictated reports.
  4. Physician Assistant proofreads his/her dictated final report to ensure there are no errors and that it contains sufficient information to justify the diagnosis and/or provides useful information to the involved clinician.


  1. Physician Assistant appropriately utilizes Metropolitan Health Corporation and Related Subsidiaries equipment and instrumentation.
  2. Physician Assistant appropriately uses Metropolitan Health Corporation and Related Subsidiaries resources such as office supplies, clerical support, and or phone equipment.
  3. Physician Assistant possesses time management skills appropriate for completion of the tasks assigned.


  1. Physician Assistant works as a team with other members of the office site to assist patients of Metropolitan Health Corporation and Related Subsidiaries with their health care needs.
  2. Physician Assistant works extra time, as needed, to achieve excellent customer service to his/her peers, subordinates and/or superiors.
  3. Physician Assistant is considerate of the unique personal needs of patients and others with whom he/she interacts


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