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Posted Date 12/03/2019

Student Nurse Externship - Summer 2020 (12 Week Commitment) - 2 Shifts/wk

Requisition #: req1971

Shift: Varies

FTE status: 0.6

On-call: No

Weekends: Yes

General Summary:

This unpaid externship offers practical experiences and opportunities for nursing students working collaboratively with registered nurse preceptors. An engaging, hands on 12-week summer program that helps the student nurse develop a greater understanding of the professional component of the RN role as well as being the coordinator of patient care. He/she will also develop skill and confidence in performing a multitude of technical procedures.

  • Talent Acquisition phone interviews will begin in mid-January.
  • In-person, manager interviews will occur during the first full week of March.
  • Must be available and able to work the full 12 week program.
  • Must be able to start on the orientation date determined by the program.


Must be enrolled in an accredited nursing program, have completed a clinical rotation, and be within one year of graduation.
Current BLS through the American Heart Association.

Essential Functions and Responsibilities:

Makes an occupied and unoccupied bed, makes a bed with a patient in traction.
urns and positions a patient in bed, ambulates and dangles a patient.
Transfers a patient using a chair, wheelchair and stretcher.
Positions/transfers a patient with hip precautions, traction, or CPM machine.
Transports a patient using wheelchair and stretcher.
Performs passive and assists with active ranage of motion.

Gives a patient a complete, partial, shower or tub bath.
Shaves a patient, shampoos a patient, gives oral care, including denture care.
Performs perineal care and indwelling urinary catheter care.
Performs back and H.S. care.
Changes a non-sterile and sterile dressing.
Performs ileostomy/colostomy care.
Assists with postmortem care.
Performs clean and sterile oral, nasopharyngeal and tracheostomy suctioning.
Performs tracheostomy care.
Passes trays, snacks and water, feeds a patient, measures and records intake from dietary trays.
Inserts, irrigates, administers feeding through, and removes various feeding tubes as appropriate.

Places and removes a bedpan, fracture pan and urinal, and assists patient with using a bedside commode.
Empties, measures and records drainage from a urinary drainage bag, Jackson Pratt drain, Hemovac, and bile bag.
Removes fecal impaction, inserts and removes a rectal tube, administers a cleansing and retention enema, and applies and removes fecal incontinence bag.
Performs urinary catheterization.

Specimen Collection:
Collects urine, sputum, and stool specimens, obtains wound cultures.
Uses a glucometer to test blood glucose levels, tests urine for sugar, acetone, blood or pH and strains for kidney stones.

Vital Signs/Measurement:
Measures the following vital signs: oral and tympanic temperature, radial and apical pulse, blood pressure, respiratory rate and pain rating. Measures a patient’s weight using a standing, chair, sling and bed scales.

Operates the electronic blood pressure cuff, IV pump, feeding pump and pulse oximeter, sets up oxygen flow meter, provides oxygen therapy using nasal cannula and mask, assists patient with incentive spirometer.
Sets up suction apparatus and disposes of suction canisters, uses a disposable ambu-bag.
Applies and removes ice bags, moist or dry heat, ace bandages, arm slings, binders, supports, antiembolism stockings, Intermittent Compression Devices (ICD), soft limb (wrist and ankle) restraints, mitt restraints, jacket/vest restraints, and leather restraints.
In Assisted Breathing Center (ABC) only: Demonstrates a basic knowledge of how the ventilators in ABC function.
Stocks patients room as appropriate for the unit.

Infection Control:
Uses aseptic technique and adheres to standard precautions, cares for patients with special isolation precautions.
Passes clean linen and bags/disposes soiled linen.
Cleans equipment between patients use and cleans equipment prior to return to Central Sterile, replaces full sharps containers.
Collects the following data (as delegated by RN after RN's initial assessment): neuro/behavior, cardiovascular, pulmonary, gastrointestinal, integumentary, neuromuscular, psycho-social, learning needs, and discharge needs.
Medication Administration
Administers medication per RN’s discretion with direct RN supervision via oral, enteral feeding tube, subcutaneous, intramuscular and transdermal routes.
May perform IV fluid or IV medication administration with direct RN supervision.
Initiates IV access after completion of IV module.

Charts care given as directed by RN.

Uses the intercom, Vocera or unit pager, pneumatic tube and telephone systems, answers patient call lights.
Reports observations to RN and keeps RN informed of care delivered, prepares/gives report to the oncoming shift.
Assists in the development of a care plan.

Actively participates in maintaining a clean, safe and efficient work environment.
Participates in and attends continuing education programs and meetings related to job description.
Maintains patient confidentiality.
Promotes good departmental and interdepartmental working relationships through courteous and professional communication and behavior.
Performs other tasks as delegated by RN appropriate to scope of practice.

Job Type
Full time

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