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(Date Posted on 11/15/2017)

Job Title:   HT - Histology Technician - Laboratory * Days - Resource
Job Info:   HT - Histology Technician - Laboratory * Days - Resource

Highest Education Level Preferred:
General Summary: The Histologic Technician is responsible for the preparation of tissue specimens for microscopic evaluation by the pathologist by means of tissue sampling, processing, embedding, microtomy, routine staining, and diagnostic special staining.   Essential Functions and Responsibilities: Demonstrates the ability to follow established department policies and procedures in an accurate and precise manner.Receives and logs in tissue specimens utilizing correct charging guidelines. Creates log sheet for each day of operation so that additional billing and procedure charges may be added on the log sheet.  Correctly adds additional charges to accounts when applicable.Utilizes proper specimen labeling techniques to identify and label specimen container, requisition form, and tissue cassettes. Verifies that the identity of each specimen is maintained at all times during processing and examination.Assists the pathologist with the gross description of, and if applicable, the photography of more complicated specimens.Prepares tissue slides and stains them according to policy and procedure.Creates slide labels. Properly labels all slides and performs quality control check using specimen log sheet.  Delivers slides to pathologist.Demonstrates the ability to prepare specimens by frozen section technique withinestablished turnaround time. Is rated satisfactory in all special staining techniques as determined by review from the supervisor and/or pathologist.Performs other duties as needed.
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Salary:   Competitive
Job Category:   Medical / Health Care

Location:   Wyoming, MI
Type:   Full Time
Contact Person:   Human Resources
Title:   HR

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