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  Full Job Description    (Date Posted: 12/8/2017)
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Job Title:   Patient Companion - Progressive Care Unit * Nights - Resource
Job Info:   Patient Companion - Progressive Care Unit * Nights - Resource

Highest Education Level Required:
High School/GED Or Equivalent
This is a resource/on-call position with no guarantee for hours (not part-time or full-time.) General Summary: The patient companion assists the nursing staff by providing continual observation of the patient in order to maintain patient safety.  Under the direction and supervision of a Registered Nurse (RN), the patient companion assists nursing staff in providing basic nursing care to patients and performs related tasks necessary to the functioning of the unit. Essential Functions and Responsibilities: Patient Safety:  Continuously observe patients and report behavior changes, problems or difficulties to nursing staff in a timely and effective manner. Activity and Comfort:  Assist with activity and provide for comfort.  This responsibility includes making unoccupied beds and assisting nursing staff with making occupied beds; assisting nursing staff with turning and positioning patients in bed; and assisting nursing staff/transport staff with transferring patients using chairs, wheelchairs, slideboards, stretchers, cardiac chairs and lifts.Hygiene:  Assist with hygiene activities.  This responsibility includes washing patient’s hands and face and combing hair; assisting nursing staff with giving patients complete baths.Nutrition:  Assist patients with nutrition and offers fluids as ordered to maintain hydration.  This responsibility includes setting up trays and feeding patients who are not at risk for aspiration and notifying the RN if the patient is having problems eating. Elimination:  Assist patients with elimination needs.  This responsibility includes giving patients urinals and bedpans (does not include placing bedpans under patients with mobility restrictions); emptying urinals and bedpans and notifying nursing staff of amount; and assisting patients who are not at increased risk for fall with using bedside commodes. Equipment:  Use equipment and supplies safely and appropriately.    Infection Prevention:  Function to prevent the spread of infection.  This responsibility includes using effective hand hygience; adhering to universal/standard precautions; caring appropriately for patients with special isolation precautions; passing clean linen and bagging and disposing of soiled linen. Documentation:  This responsibility involves adding and removing self from the Treatment Team in the electronic medical record. Communication:  Communicate effectively.  This responsibility includes using the telephone system and Vocera system, reporting observations to the RN; keeping the RN informed of care delivered; notifying the RN when family is present; and maintaining patient confidentiality.Orientation:  Successful completion of department-specific core competencies as defined in the Patient Companion Initial Competency Evaluation. Miscellaneous: Talk with patient, read to patient, reorient patient to time, place, and self  Perform other tasks appropriate to scope of practice as delegated by the RN Actively participate in maintaining a clean, safe, and efficient work environment Attend and participate in meetings and inservices related to job description 
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Salary:   Competitive
Job Category:   Medical / Health Care

Location:   Wyoming, MI
Type:   Full Time
Contact Person:   Human Resources
Title:   HR

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Apply Online - 00036D

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