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By Ken Soper, MCC, NCCC

KeyboardThese are words specific to a career field, organizational function, or industry.  Include this section especially if you are going to be posting your resume to a web-based resume posting system, like  The Keywords can be incorporated into a job objective or summary of qualification at the beginning of your resume, thus ‘front-loading’ it for readers who probably are looking for just such information, helping them find it quickly.  This is particularly true for web and database resume posting or storage by many companies who then search for keywords to identify candidates.  Without keywords in such posted systems, your resume may never come to the employer’s attention.

Here is a sample of keywords used by an IT manager for a scannable resume.  Note that each keyword or phrase is delimited by a period, and abbreviations are included with the full word or phrase.  This helps employers searching their resume database to find your resume whether they use the full word(s) nomenclature or just the abbreviated term.

Management. Project Implementation.  Systems Management.  Business Planning and Analysis.  Information Technology (IT).  System Conversions.  AS400.  LAN.  WAN.  Manufacturing Systems.  Office Automation.  Accounting.  Distribution. Communications.  Statistical Process Control (SPC).  Barcoding.  Engineering Data Control (EDI).  Automated Stores Inventory.  Shop Floor Data Collection.  Material Planning.  MRP.  CAD.  CAM.  Systems Integration.  MS Office.  Excel.  Word.  Power Point.  Access.  Project Management.  Radio Frequency System.  Warehouse Control.

What are the keywords in your career field?

Other Facts

All of us have some aspects of our qualifications and skills that are not easily categorized.  So, this section can help you put the ‘odds-and-ends’ together.  The title, Other Facts, works better than ‘miscellaneous’ or ‘personal’.

Do keep the irrelevant ‘personal’ information out of your resume, such as age, marital status, hometown, faith orientation, political inclination, sexual orientation, ethnicity, height, weight, and so on.  The last two, for example, would only be relevant if those facts were pertinent to meeting the qualifications of a position, such as an actor.

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