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Job Alert Activation

Job Alert allows you to receive automatic e-mail notification of new job postings.

Before Job Alert can be activated, you must first sign up. Also, you're given the opportunity to activate Job Alert when you submit a resume. If you choose not to, at that time, you can later, by simply logging in and selecting the Job Alert button. When you create a Job Alert you will receive e-mail's with links to new job postings. Job Alert will remain active until you deactivate it.

Job Alert works like the advanced Boolean search. You can choose four keywords and give values to those words in the form of "LIKE" or NOT LIKE". Here is an example of how to use Boolean keywords:

Imagine you're an electrical engineer, but you do not want to receive alerts for a civil engineering or mechanical engineering. For keyword 1 enter"LIKE engineer", keyword 2 enter "LIKE electrical"(this will send you matching results for electrical engineer), for keyword 3 enter "NOT LIKE civil" and keyword 4 enter "NOT LIKE mechanical". This will block civil and mechanical engineering jobs.

Select an employment category and city(s) then hit the submit info button.

It's important to know that you can have multiple Job Alerts. You can enter as many as you want, but be careful not to use the same keywords or similar keywords (unless you want to choose a different location). You may get the same job alert using different keywords. The alert is saved using the keywords you entered.

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Deactivate job alert

Each time you create a Job Alert a link will be added to your Job Alert page. To remove a job alert, click the Job Alert button, and then select the link to the alert you want to remove. You will see a confirmation page and after a few seconds, it will bring you back to the Job Alert activation page, where you can delete more alerts or add new alerts.

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Improve Job Alert Results

To improve the job alert results, use fewer fields.

The job alert is designed to focus in on the exact job you are looking for. So if you use more than one of the “Like” or “Not Like” fields, the system will show you any jobs that include ALL of the words in the “Like” Field, AND none of the words in the “Not Like” Field.

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