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by John Butler

Interview It's a beauty contest, it's a business meeting, it's a bench trial, it's an interrogation, it's an angst- producing event AND it's a terrific opportunity. A job interview is all that and more. Among a field of job candidates otherwise equal, it is a person's thoughtful (rather than clever), sincere (rather than slick) and clear (rather than glib) personal presentation that can make all the difference.

Remember: a job interview is a bilateral exchange. They're deciding if they want you and you're deciding if you want them. That's true even if you think the job in question is a gift from heaven. Self-confidence is an attractive trait; desperation is not. An employer wants to talk to you, and that means that you've met a certain threshold. It means that a busy person is willing to take time out of his or her day to find out more about you. Take a moment and allow yourself to be flattered. Then get to work.

Under normal circumstances, you should have at least a few days, if not longer, between notification of the interview and the interview itself . That's plenty of time to prepare. You'll need to work on three areas: fact finding, self assessment and presentation skills.

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