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Be aware that there are some things an interviewer may NOT ask. Should you hear any of these, you are within your rights to object:

How old are you?

Are you a U.S. citizen?

Are you married?

How much do you weigh?

Do you have any disabilities?

Have you ever been arrested?

What clubs or social organizations do you belong to?

Actually the entire list of illegal questions is much longer, but there's a single idea behind them: discrimination. Age, sex, national origin, physical appearance, sexual orientation, religious belief and race have all formed the bases of job discrimination in the past. An astute interviewer will avoid any such questions, but some may not be aware of the implications carried by them.


Occasionally the interview process will involve taking a meal with your interviewer in the company cafeteria or a local restaurant. Should you be thinking that the interview is suspended while you're working on your Waldorf salad, think again. You are being watched; your social skills are being put to the test. Unless you have dietary restrictions, it's a good idea to follow your host's recommendation for selecting a menu item. And never order beer, wine or liquor! Stick to ice tea, water, juice or a soft drink.

Sit up straight, observe good table manners, and continue to listen carefully to everything the interviewer has to say. And bon apetit!


A good interview will usually involve some time in which you are invited to pose your own questions. Don't respond by saying you don't have any. In truth, you should have loads of questions, but if you're stuck, here are a few that might work:

How committed would you say senior management is to work of this department?

What sort of growth is projected over the next five years?

How would you summarize your own experience at this company?

What are the most important overall employee issues here?

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