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Starting your Contact Manager

The contact manager is a simple tool that allows you to track where you send your resumes. You can also add notes or phone calls, interviews, names or any information you want to record about the contact. To use the contact manager you must first submit your resume and send it via the button located next to each job posting. Whenever you send your resume using's system, you will be prompted to add the contact information to your contact manager. The contact manager will also track the cover letters you send to employers.

To review your contacts select the Contact Manager button. A list of resumes you have sent to employers is displayed showing the company name, job title, job description and date sent.

For more information click on the company name, then you can see if the job is active or not, view which resume you sent (if you have more than one) and make notes on company contacts.

Your contacts will remain in the system until you delete your information or there has been no activity for six months.

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