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Upload a resume and make it searchable
2006/06/19 - Source: Staff

When you find that your resume is marked as unsearchable, it means that you have uploaded a resume to the system. An uploaded resume is listed like a photo of your resume so that it maintains the formatting.

Humans can read it, but the computer cannot. You can still send your resume out to jobs that you are interested in, but employers who search the resume are not able to find this one.


You can resolve this issue by copying the text of your resume and pasting it into one of the online resumes (Builder, or Cut-n-paste). Once you have created the online resume, you can attach the uploaded resume, and then the online resume becomes the searchable resume, but when the employer prints off the resume, they will find the uploaded one.


Remember that the employer can only search the text of the online resume, so work all of your key words into this version. For example, if your resume is a purchasing resume, you might also include the word buyer, so that an employer searching for either word will find it.


Resume Upload Function

Students and Job Seekers have a function to upload a resume file.


On the Manage Resume page the student/job seeker will notice a link called Upload a Resume.





Once you click on this link, you will see this caution:


This information is designed to inform you how to ensure that your resume is searchable by the employers.






Note: For the purpose of this description, I will use the term Resume Template to indicate the resumes that were created on CareerMatrix with the builder, or the cut and paste. And the term Resume File to indicate the resumes that are uploaded. 


To begin your uploading of a resume  enter a file name (the name you want issued to this resume in the database), then click the browse button.


You will then see a navigation window to allow you to navigate your own computer and find the resume file to upload.

This will install the resume into the database along with any other resumes you have in the system.


If you do not have a resume templates in the system, you can add them using the resume builder, or the resume cut-n-past function. 




In this example, each green abd white bar represents a resume. The second, third and forth resumes were created using the CareerMatrix Resume Template.

(The second one already has an uploaded resume attached).


The easiest way to tell if you have a resume attached is by looking at the link that says to "View Printable". This link will always show what the employer will see, so it could either show the resume template (On-Line resume) or the uploaded resume. (When the employer searches, they are searching the words and text from the online resume).

If the resume has an uploaded resume attached, then in front of the view printable link there will be a link to "View Template". If there is now resume attached, then at the end is another link to "attach unsearchable resume".


The first resume listed is the uploaded Resume File which is not attached to another Resume Template.   

(This file is clearly marked as an Unsearchable resume.)


Now click on the link to Attach Unsearchable Resume.

After the uploaded file is attached to a searchable Resume Template, the uploaded resume will then replace the printable Resume Template.


The links under the resumes will now change to allow the student/job seeker to view both the printable version of the Resume Template (View Template), and the uploaded file (View Printable).       

You will also find an additional link to attach a new uploaded Resume File, which will replace the printable resume currently attached. 


Another change is found when the Student/Job Seeker is entering a new Resume Template.


You will now find a new check box to allow you to attach a Resume File to the resume template you are just now creating. 










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