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Do you own or manage a regional information web site, local search engine or ISP. Do you want to quickly and easily add a new revenue stream? Employment is always a hot topic. If the economy is good, employers will look for the most effective method to access candidates, if it's not, candidates will flock to your site to access the jobs you make available.

A CareerMatrix Network Partnership makes a complete, full-service, employment resource available on your web site. Companies can signup and post a job online within a few minutes. Payment is made by credit card using the latest secure technology. Income derived from job postings or employer memberships made through your employment web site will be shared.

We are a network of employment resources. Each web site partnership has limited exclusivity within a geographic region. Each geographic location is tied together with other Internet, media, employer and trade association partners. Job postings and resumes from all partners will be linked together using the CareerMatrix database and made available to all other network partner sites. This creates an ever growing network of employers and job seekers available through your web site. This expanding resource makes your employment site attractive to candidates as well as employers.

We agree to maintain the employment site and database and share the gross income from employer job postings and memberships. All we ask is that you promote the web site for employers and job seekers and that a link or button be placed on your home page to the employment page. The more you promote it, the more your income will be.

Here's the clincher "It's FREE to set up" and easy to do. Within a day we can create pages that will retain the look and feel of your web site and be ready for you to start promoting.

We work with Web Designers!

CareerMatrix offers web designers and web masters a simple add-on employment feature for your client’s web site. Increase your income by offering your client services that will save them time and money and you time and effort. Don't reinvent the wheel, CareerMatrix has created a 468 pixel wide framed plug-in that will display your clients job postings in their site or provide us with a header that has the look you want and we will send you a link to the new career center. Your clients jobs will get the added exposure of being placed on all CareerMatrix Network web sites.

If your client is a CareerMatrix member we can create the plug in within a couple of hours, ready for you to add to their site. If not, we can get them up and running fast as a member.

What's in it for me?
When you add the CareerMatrix Network to a client’s web site or recommend a company for membership, we will share a percentage of the gross income received. We both win! For details contact:

NetOptions, LLC /
1514 Wealthy St SE
Suite 258
Grand Rapids, MI 49506

Phone: (616) 241-1638
Fax: (616) 241-0010


Some of our Network Partners:

Michigan Licensed Practical Nurses Association Career Center


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