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To post a job, first you must log in. Select the "Manage Jobs" button then choose either, submit a job posting (builder), or submit a job posting (cut and paste) from the "Job Manager".

The Job Builder is a fill in the form job posting method. The jobs title (max 40 characters) and the first 80 characters of the jobs description are the first thing a candidate sees when they search the job database. Keep this in mind when you write your job descriptions. Job Descriptions can be 1000 characters long.

Full member companies can create an automatic job expiration date. Enter the date you want the job to expire in this date format (1/25/02). Single job members are automatically set to 30 days.

Choose one or more appropriate employment categories, one or more locations and the type of employment (Full-time, Part-time, etc.). Enter the requirements for the job and the salary (you can put negotiable, however, most job seekers want to see at least a salary range).

Select the appropriate benefit package from the drop down or if you haven't created default benefits fill in the blank.

Choose a contact for the job from the drop down list (assuming you have created default contacts or simply fill in the blanks.

If you do not want the candidate to see your email address, you can choose to hide it. When you hide your email address the candidate will still be able to email a resume through our system if they have a resume online. We do not recommend hiding your email because some candidates do not submit their resume to our database and it may be an impediment to making contact with you..

You can make a job confidential. In this case, a candidate will not see your contact information or the name of your company.

Apply on website is a new feature. Some employers want their job candidates to apply through their online applicant system. To use this feature you first need to set up where candidates are to be directed to. Once you create your "website link(s)", this feature will be available from a dropdown near the bottom of your job posting.

When you submit your job it will be activated immediately and your job will be broadcast via Job Alert to candidates looking for positions like yours.

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