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The Advanced Boolean Search allows you to target specific words and eliminate other words when searching the resume database. You can enter up to four keywords giving each a value of "LIKE" or "NOT LIKE". For Instance, if you're looking for a mechanical engineer and you only want to see candidate resumes for mechanical engineers (LIKE) but do not want to see resumes for civil or electrical engineers (NOT LIKE) the advanced search gives you the options. After entering the appropriate keywords, choose a category, location and number of resume summaries you want to view at one time. By adding the value "(LIKE) management" you will see mechanical engineers with management experience.

When using the advanced search it's always best to go from the general to the specific. Start with one or two keywords and based on your results eliminates resumes you do not want to see using (NOT LIKE) keywords.

You will then be shown a list of resumes that matched your request. For each resume you will see the employment desired, relevant skills and salary requirements. When you find a resume that interests you, you can click on the link and see the entire resume.

Each resume includes Employment Requirements, History and Education. Resumes that were submitted using the Cut-n-Paste method, may look different and contain different information.

You can also see a printable version by selecting the "Printable Resume" button on the left side of the page. Print the page as you would any other document.

If you want to add this resume to your company database, you can select "Save As" from your browser...

...choose the location for your resumes then name the file and select Text File (*.txt)

Much of the formatting will be lost, however, the file is searchable by most software.

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