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  • Cost effective - has developed an efficient business model that includes, data automation, focused marketing, in-house website development and low overhead. By selling memberships that allow employers unlimited access for one price, we reduce the amount of maintenance needed, therefore, we reduce our labor costs. Single job members can sign up; log in, purchase and post jobs without the need of live intervention.

    We have not raised our prices in the last three years, even though we have completely redesigned the website. Now with a faster database, we are continually adding new features and improvements for both employers and job seekers.

    Compare our prices and you will find that we are very competitive. With print media, you typically purchase a single ad for one to seven days, the more information you include the more it costs. Ads can run from $60 to well over a thousand depending on the location. Display ads can run from hundreds to thousands of dollars. With CareerMatrix, every add is a display ad with a copy of your company logo, and as much information as you want to enter.

  • Great candidates - focuses marketing on the jobs posted by member employers. By using imbedded keywords and purchasing keywords and phrases from search engines, we can bring in specific candidates to fill those jobs.

  • Local candidates - We have sought to create a regional employment website for the State of Michigan region. All of our marketing and focus is for us to be Michigan's Internet Employment Partner.

  • Easy to use - We continually make minor and sometimes major changes to make our website faster, more efficient, easier to use and to add or upgrade features that have been requested.

  • Fast response - The technology we use insures that our search speeds are at a maximum, and we have the best possible uptime.

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