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The CareerMatrix FAQ Page
Signing up
Q. How do I sign up?

  1. Go to the sign up page.
  2. Fill out the form
  3. Choose your U.S. Citizenship Status
  4. Enter a username and password
  5. Select a lookup question (ie. mothers maiden name, pets name, etc.)
  6. Enter the answer to the question you chose. This will allow you to find out your username if you have fogotten it.
  7. Click if you choose to recieve email updates and news from
  8. Select if you want your contact information confidential. We do not recommend selecting confidential, employers will have greater difficulty contacting you.
  9. Submit your information and your signed up. From here you can now submit your resume, create job alerts and utilize other features.

Resume Submission
Q. What are the steps I use to submit my resume?

  1. Navigate to
  2. Select the "Job Seeker" tab to go to the Job Seeker home page.
  3. Sign up to gain access to the resume submission area. Choose the confidential option only if you want to hide your personal information from employers (not recommended).
  4. Click on the "Submit Resume" button to enter the Resume Manager.
  5. Choose either Post a resume (builder) or Post a resume (cut-n-paste). Note: If you have a resume in your word processor you can cut and paste it into the system. Please read the cut and paste help file before you do.
  6. Your name, address and contact information will be automatically added to your resume.
  7. Fill in the blanks, choose a job category, location and type, then click on the "Submit Info" button. Your resume is now online and available to employers.
Q. How can I upload a resume?

A.   You can upload a resume file to be used when applying for a job; however, an uploaded resume is not searchable from our database, so employers would not be able to find your resume. To correct this you can create a resume in our system which is searchable, and then replace the printable resume (which is sent to the employer) with an uploaded resume. This means an employer can search for a specific term and find it in your resume, but when they look at the printable resume, they will then see your uploaded resume.

Q. When uploading a resume, what file types are accepted?

A. The CareerMatrix system will accept three file types. You can upload an .RTF (Rich Text Format), .DOC (MS-Word Document), or a .txt (Text File).

Q. In what file format is my resume sent to the employer?

A. The standard file format for sending resumes is the RFT (Rich Text Format), which can be opened by most word processors. The employers in the CareerMatrix system also have the ability to change this setting to allow them to receive the file as an HTML (Hyper Text Markup Language), or as a PDF (Portable Document Format), or as a .TXT (Text file).

Q. Can I save my uploaded file in the PDF format?

A. Yes. Once your uploaded resume file has been attached to the resume template, you can click View Printable and your uploaded file will be displayed on your screen as a PDF file. Now you can save it on your hard drive.

Q. What is a resume template?

A. Any resume that was created on CareerMatrix using the Resume Builder or the Cut-n-Paste has the ability to choose from a list of resume templates in the system. Each can be further customized with different colors, or arranged to have an educational emphasis.

Q. Why is my resume unsearchable?

A. When a file is uploaded, the file is converted to a format for employers to quickly open. When the conversion is completed, the uploaded file is a picture of the file. This way all of your original formatting is maintained. We recommend you create a resume online by pasting the text into the resume builder. Then attach the unsearchable resume to this file. This will allow the employers to search the text, and still open the uploaded file. Click here for help.

Q. How long does my resume stay on

A. Our system is set up to monitor the resumes in our database and weed out those who may have alreadyfound a job, but forgot to remove their resume from our system. As an active job seeker with a resume in our system, the utility is designed to notify you well before anything is changed on your account. This utility will delete any resume that has not been updated in nine months, however, before that time, the system will e-mail a message to what ever e-mail address is assigned to that resume asking that person to please update this resume, and will even include a link to help you find your resume quickly. These messages are sent out two months before the scheduled deletion date, and again one month before, and once again a week before. One week after the last message is sent, the system will check again for updates and if it is still not been updated, it will automatically delete the resume, and contact manager.

Occasionally we get some of these messages that bounce back to us and we will attempt to correct the e-mail address if we can, however, if a job seeker has an incorrect e-mail address in the system, or fails to check their e-mail account, than the ability for an employer to contact that job seeker are also greatly diminished.

Once the resume has been deletedfrom the system, there is no wayto recover it.


Q. If I don't have my own E-mail account how can companies contact me?

A. While e-mail is the most effective form of online communication, as long as you don't make your personal information confidential they can contact you by phone or mail. There are several places on the Internet that offer free E-mail accounts. Here is a link to from


Usernames and Passwords

Q. I know I used the right user name and password but they don't seem to work. Why not?

A. User names and passwords are case sensitive. Make sure that you type them the exact same way you originally entered them (i.e. BigBob or bigbob).

Q I have forgotten my user name and /or password, how can I find out what they are?

A. We can send your log in information to you by e-mail. Go to the "log in reminder" page. Answer the question you chose when you signed up and enter your e-mail. If everything matches, your information will be sent instantly.

Q I tried the login reminder and I no longer have the same email address. Now how do I get my login information?

A. Send an email to . Please include your full name, the old email address and your last employers name. We need this information to verify you are, who you say you are. You can also use our online tech support system:


Job Alert
Q. What is "Job Alert?

A. "Job Alert" is very helpful to job seekers. The system will e-mail you jobs meeting your requirements. You can set up more than one jobs Alert. For more information go to the Job Alert help page.

Q. How do I activate "Job Alert"?

A. To activate "Job Alert" first you must log in, then choose "Job Alert" from the buttons on the left.
Enter one or more keywords (up to four) give each word a value (Like or Not Like), choose a category and location(s) then submit the information. Whenever a new job is posted that matches your choices you will be e-mailed an alert and be able to respond quickly to a job.

Q. How do I deactivate "Job Alert"?

A. Log in, click on the "Job Alert" button and choose "Deactivate Job Alert" at the top of the page. A list of all your job alerts will be shown. Click on the any alert you want to cancel. The alert will be removed and refresh your list of alerts.

Q. How do I improve Job alert results?

A. Use fewer fields. The job alert is designed to focus in on the exact job you are looking for. So if you use more than one of the “Like” or “Not Like” fields, the system will show you any jobs that include ALL of the words in the “Like” Field, AND none of the words in the “Not Like” Field.

Job Alert help page


Contact Manager
Q. What is the "Contact Manager" feature of your site?

A. This utility allows you to track your company contacts. When you've sent a resume to a company, you can add that job to your Contact Manager. Then you can review your contacts and make notes on communications regarding that job posting. You can also view which resume you've sent in case you have more than one online. The Contact Manager also tells you if the job is still active.

Q. Where do I find the "Contact Manager"?

A. When you send a resume through to a contact for a job posting your contact information will be added to your contact manager automatically. To review your contacts, log in and click on the "Contact Manager" button. To make notes on a contact click the link of the appropriate contact, make your changes and save.

Contact Manager help page


Misc Resume Questions

Q. Why is it better to use the Career Matrix online resume rather than just sending my resume directly to a company as an attachment?

A. Many employers will not accept attachments to E-mail messages. The problem stems from the many viruses can be embedded in attached documents. It's possible for a computer to be infected and not know it, then send the infected file when attaching a file to an E-mail message. The resume is a simple text document so a virus cannot affect it.

Another advantage is once you have your resume online it is a simple matter to send it to the companies and keep track of it using the "Contact Manager".

Q. My resume has been on your site for a while now why have I not gotten any response?

A. Companies will see the resume title, relevant skills and salary requirements first. Using this information they will decide if they want to read the rest of the resume. Check spelling and be sure the information is presented in an attractive form. While our members can and do search the resume database, yours may simply have been missed. To get the most value from our site it's best to be proactive. The features we have built into have been designed to make it easy for you to search for a job and send your resume directly to company contacts.

Q. Do I need to enter my personal information each time I want to create a new resume?

A. No, you only need to enter your personal information one time. You can have as many resumes as you need..

Q. Why is my resume unsearchable?

A. When you find that your resume is marked as unsearchable, it means that you have uploaded a resume to the system. The online resumes are searchable, but an uploaded resume is listed like a photo of your resume so that it maintains the formatting. (Humans can read it, but the computer cannot.) You can still send your resume out to jobs that you are interested in, and the contact manager still maintains the records for you, but if an employers is searching the resume, they would not be able to find the resumes marked unsearchable. Partly because the text is not readable, but also because the resume is not assigned to any specific area, or job category. To correct thie, you will need to create an online resume (Using either the Buiolder, or the cut and paste resume format), and then attach your uploaded resume to the online one

There is a link on the unsearchable resume to explain how to change your resume to make is rearchable. Here is the link:

This should walk you through how to change your resume to be searchable.

Resume help page


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