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Axios Incorporated

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Staffing Inc.

Staffing Inc.

Grand Rapids-based Axios Incorporated recently announced an impressive 117 percent sales growth over the past three years, and company leaders expect to create approximately seven human resource jobs by spring 2008. That growth landed Axios in INC Magazine's INC 5,000 fastest growing firms in the country. Full story on

Life is a Temporary Assignment!

For over 20 years, Staffing Inc. has placed nearly 250,000 employees in the Manufacturing & Service Industries throughout West Michigan. Our Success is the result of a unique combination of factors:

1. Finding People for Jobs, not Jobs for People

Screening candidates is the most critical step in the hiring process. For every person hired, we walk a day in our customer’s shoes. Our staff focuses its screening efforts on both the Experience and Character aspects of each job and customer’s environment.

There is no cookie-cutter method for recruiting for any particular business. Every employer has distinct needs and requirements. We fulfill their needs by matching the "Right" employees for their jobs and organizational cultures.

2. Personalized Service Model

How often do you see your Staffing firm’s representatives? Are your supervisor’s tired of training and managing your Temp service’s employees? Are you tired of phone and email communication?

Staffing Inc. believes that a direct service model is the key to everyone’s success. How can we be effective if we don’t know what makes you operate successfully? The "Personalized" touch that we give helps our customers as well as our employees know that we are there for them.

Addressing employee issues and customer inquiries directly and promptly has been the trademark of our organization for over 20 years! It is a retention strategy that has helped us to build strong customer and employee loyalty.

3. Responsive & Accountable

An on-demand flexible workforce is critical for most businesses. Staffing Inc. believes that Communication and Delivery time are essential for any businesses success.

Staffing Inc. can deliver the "Right" employees to you within your time frame. For more technical positions, we have tools and dedicated staff which allow us to access thousands of candidates that fit your immediate needs.

4. Fair & Reasonable Price

If you feel that you are not receiving the appropriate value for your temporary investment, you can customize you service package around your specific needs.

Staffing Inc. offers a proprietary "Pay for Performance" pricing model that ties our performance to your bill. We will tie our own compensation to our performance (fill speed, turn-over, and productivity of associates). You should not pay for poor results!

With a 96% Customer Retention rate and a 58% employee referral rate, we believe that we have enhanced many lives within our local communities.

Office Staffing

Office Staffing

Office Staffing is a comprehensive human resource provider for the:

  • General office environment
  • Medical administrative environment
  • Call center environments

Areas of which we are experts in include:

  • Executive assistants
  • General administration
  • Office managers
  • Assistant controllers
  • Loan officers
  • Collection specialists
  • Customer service representatives
  • HR generalists
  • Call center managers
  • Data Entry specialists
  • Billing and coding specialists
  • Administrative assistants
  • Receptionists
  • AP/AR experts
  • Accounting clerks
  • Sales representatives (Inside and Outside)
  • Bank Tellers
  • HR assistants
  • Project assistants
  • Marketing assistants
  • Medical administrators and much more!

We have developed many successful long-term relationships throughout West Michigan. These relationships are based on several key strengths:

  • Expertise in general office, medical administration and call center support
  • Effective employee screening
  • Prompt quality placements
  • Software and other skills testing and training
  • Professional and detailed candidate presentations
  • Ability to match candidate with organizational culture
  • Ability to respond to emergency requests

These relationships are also based on our commitment to the following:

  • Continuous improvement
  • High performance
  • Risk elimination
  • Bottom line savings

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