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Some last words
By Ken Soper, MCC, NCCC

These guidelines will apply to most resumes.  You may find that there are other categories of information that are appropriate for you and your career field.  But don’t let anyone, anyone tell you what length or style your resume should unless they have some insider insights to the career field, industry or organization to which you’re applying. 

There is no perfect resume!  There are, however, principles of communication and persuasion that are embedded in the organization and content of your resume.  The goal in your writing should be to make certain your reader is motivated after reading your resume to reach for their phone or keyboard to contact you for further information.  If your resume does that, you’re on your way to interviewing and finding a new work assignment.

Ken SoperGodspeed.

Ken Soper, MCC, NCCC

Ken is one of the first 50 Career Counselors in the U.S. to be recognized by the National Career Development Association, the oldest career guidance professional association in the world, as a Master Career CounselorSM.  Much to his delight, he also learned that he was one of a handful of counselors who qualified by national examination on the same day as a National Certified CounselorSM (NCC) and National Certified Career CounselorSM (NCCC) by the National Board of Certified Counselors.

Ken’s website:

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