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Education & Training
By Ken Soper, MCC, NCCC

Life-long learning is a hallmark of the 21st century worker.  It’s the rare employer who doesn’t want someone who has learned how to learn, and can show that they are constantly learning.  This category of information needs to follow an order that emphasizes what is likely to be most important to the reader.  It can be separated into two categories, if desired.

Generally, what you got your degree, certification or training in is more important than where or when you got it.  When you got it can be important, but usually only date items if they are quite recent.  Don’t date your college, technical, or high school graduation.  Functional description and/or list of courses in the major and minor fields of study can also give readers important details.  Don’t assume that they will understand the content of any program, even at well known schools or institutions.  This section is usually the first section after the objective or summary of qualifications for recent graduates with limited work history.  Those with significant work since graduation would probably best lead with the work history.

Technology Skills

Technology by its very nature is constantly changing. So, you want to help the reader see that you are keeping up with technology use, and that you have the proficiency or at least familiarity with the electronic office and other software tools that are ubiquitous, including the versions and types, web-based and desktop. 

Collaborative web-based software applications are becoming increasingly important as teams work on projects.  Other technologies specific to your field of work should also be included here, including brand-name and proprietary technologies and software. 

The next section will also help readers know your areas of expertise.

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