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Sample Accomplishments
By Ken Soper, MCC, NCCC

Here are some sample accomplishment statements to help stimulate your thinking about how well you did your work and what difference you made.  Study them.

Engineering Layout Technician

  • Implemented drill fixture audit procedures, eliminating problems in secondary manufacturing.
  • Designed gauges and fixtures for production and secondary operations, insuring accurate set-up dimensional accuracy of parts through gauge R&R and SPC procedures.
  • Designed gauges to measure curved trim/garnish for secondary hole placement, thus insuring secondary drilling operation while meeting hourly SPC audits.
  • Coordinated and prioritized time for inspections of new dies, engineering changes, and reworks, resulting in a three day turnaround on all reports generated for each job.
  • Received 100% of pay-per-performance bonus directly associated with the three day turnaround of inspection reports, quality, and dimensional accuracy.
  • Played key role in troubleshooting problems associated with new dies and changes, by following up on the problem with each department prior to re-sampling.


  • Initiated and managed transition from two shifts, five days, to four shifts, seven days operation, resulting in increased production capacity and machine efficiencies.
  • Updated existing equipment by retrofitting with computerized controls and installing new equipment, which resulted in decreased product tolerances and increased machine capacities.
  • Identified employee needs and available local services, selected provider, and implemented EAP at plant level, which increased attendance and reduced overtime.  Program became the corporate model.
  • Increased frequency and quantity of information to supervisors and hourly personnel by regular verbal and written communication, resulting in improved working relations and employee motivation.
  • Evaluated and sought out new technology for office copiers/printers/fax technology that proved to save Multi-company $100,000 annually.
  • Developed and implemented an inventory control system that improved accuracy from less than 40% to greater than 90%.
  • Simplified an internationally recognized stock control system to a bin system using FIFO and use of weighing and measuring safeguards to reduce system cost, stock loss and theft, and minimize training of employees.  Commended by director for its ease of use and used to show other locations how to setup and operation efficiently.
  • Only person entrusted by the owners with performing daily accounting for all cash and made deposits to the bank, both domestic and foreign currencies.  Never had a major discrepancy or shortage.
  • Commendations from state Governor and regional American Automobile Association for support of state capitol event and excellent service delivered to other area organizations.
  • Proficient in Microsoft Project, Access, Excel, PowerPoint, Word, web design, and database design

Sales/Customer Relations Representative

  • Interviewed selected critical customers on their converting problems, developed scratch and cut off standards, and established the first quality assurance program which reduced customer rejections six-fold on $5,000,000 annual sales.
  • Developed partnership with customer to produce and store larger quantity of their finished goods in order to accommodate limitations in their machinery.
  • Developed and accepted mutually agreed upon J.I.T. plan, which maintained minimal inventory levels at customer's site and expanded marketing opportunities.
  • Known for my willingness to do whatever was needed to help a customer, even finding other staff with knowledge and/or resources.
  • Recognized for my excellent ability to handle the redemption counter tasks even with a crush of pre-adolescent customers trying to make up their minds.
  • Winner of three “Customer Choice” awards given to carriers for most votes from customers each fall.  Third award was for the highest percentage of customers voting for carrier out of 1900+ carriers, including motor routes that adults delivered.


  • Introduced concept, then designed and developed plastic injection-molded components which reduced use of metal and size, and created portability of medical instruments.
  • Solved continuous material flow problems by constructing 30,000 SF expansion, which maximized finished product storage.
  • Handled various special engineering projects such as time studies and writing processes and procedures for steel stamping operations.  Known for my expert problem solving ability in improving through put and maximizing resources.
  • Negotiated contract to develop and manufacture a radio-controlled, high lines hydraulic dredge for mineral mining on schedule and meeting or expecting performance expectations of customer.
  • Executed and followed through on fuel tank retrofit program requiring additional assembly and direct distribution, representing $2MM in additional sales, an 8% increase in sales.

Education and Training

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