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What is Job Alert?

Person at computerJob Alert is a very simple email job notification system. You create a profile and we email you links to jobs that match your profile. Save yourself time by using Job Alert to feed you relevant jobs automatically. Never miss that great job because you didn’t search when it was posted.

To create a Job Alert you must first signup. Our services are free to job seekers and paid by our member employers. Please note that we respect your privacy and will not sell your information to any third party except for our member employers.

2 ways to create a Job Alert:

After you sign up and login:

  1. Click on the “Job Alert” button on the left.

  2. When you perform a job search there is a “Watch” button at the top and bottom of the page. Click the button to create a quick Job Alert.

Job Alert Watch

If you choose to manually “Add a Job Alert” this is what you will see:

Job Alert Entry

Job Alert uses a Boolean search. You can choose four filter keywords and give values to those words in the form of "LIKE" or NOT LIKE". Here is an example of how to use Boolean keywords:

Imagine you're an electrical engineer, but you do not want to receive alerts for a civil engineering or mechanical engineering. For Filter 1 enter "LIKE engineer", Filter 2 enter "LIKE electrical"(this will send you matching results for electrical engineer), for Filter 3 enter "NOT LIKE civil" and Filter 4 enter "NOT LIKE mechanical". This will block civil and mechanical engineering jobs, but allow electrical engineer jobs.

Select an employment category and city(s) then hit the submit info button.

More than one Job Alert

It's important to know that you can have multiple Job Alerts. You can enter as many as you want, but be careful not to use the same keywords or similar keywords (unless you want to choose a different location). You may get the same job alert using different keywords.

Signup and get started with Job Alert now!


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