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Pre-Screening Questions           [Return to Help Desk]

To help employers quickly sort through resumes, now you can setup a simple online pre-screening process. When a candidate sends you a resume through our system, they will be asked a series of questions you have created. When the resume is sent to you, the percentage of correct answers is displayed in the subject line of the e-mail message to make it easier for you to choose which applicant to look at first. (Subject Line Example: Resume for CNC Operator 60.4%) When you open the e-mailed resume, at the bottom of the resume, is a copy of the questions along with the candidate's answers. This feature will make it very easy to quickly sort out the applicants in order of the most desirable.

All of the questions for pre-screening are customizable and you can easily set up a list of questions to use over and over again. To set up the list of questions, click on the "Manage Defaults" link on the "Job Manager" then click the link "Manage Screening questions". Set up as many questions as you like, and enter the answers that the candidate will choose from. (You can have up to four answers for each question) Then select which answer is the correct one.

If you choose to enter a true or false question, then enter "true" in one of the first two choices for the answer, and enter false in the other (i.e. True: I am certified or False: I am not certified). Fields not filled out will not be shown. Now that you have the questions entered in the system, go to the job manager page by clicking on "Manage jobs" (Top button on the left)

Click on the link that says "Manage My Jobs". Now click to enter a new job or edit and existing job that you want to have the pre screening questions applied to. Near the bottom of the edit page is a check box to activate screening questions. Check this box, and make any other changes that you want to for this job, then click the "Submit Info" button. You are then directed to a new screen that allows you to select the questions you want applied to this job posting. Note: There is no limit to the number of questions that you want to assign to a job.

Tip! You may want to click the check box to hide your e-mail address to force job candidates to answer the pre-screening questions. This way job seekers that do not have their resume stored on will still be asked the pre-screening questions and then prompted to send their resume as an attachment by clicking a "browse" button.

If you want to have a walk through when setting up the pre-screening questions please feel free to give us a call (616) 241-1638. We are very excited about this newest feature and we have chosen not to charge an additional fee for this service and we are making it available to employers large and small. Our goal is continually improve and make it the best job board in Michigan.

Step 1
From job manager, click "manage defaults"

Step 2
Click "Manage Screening Questions"

Step 3
Enter the question and the answers:

Step 4
When posting a job check "Add / Edit Screening Questions" then when you save the job the system will prompt you to choose the question.

Step 5
Check on the questions you want to use and save:


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