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Posting a Job (Cut-n-Paste)        [Posting a Job (Builder) Help]        [Return to Help Desk]

To post a job, first you must log in. Select the "Manage Jobs" button then choose either, submit a job posting (builder), or submit a job posting (cut and paste) from the "Job Manager".

The cut-n-paste method of posting a job can reduce the time it takes to complete the task. If you use a word processor to create your job postings this may be the best method.

Before you select and copy the text be sure the document is in plain text (.TXT). Word processors like MS Word (.DOC) often have hidden characters that show up as boxes, or spaces when you paste and display them on the Internet. To be safe, open the document with a plain text editor like Notepad before you copy it.

Full member companies can create an automatic job expiration date. Enter the date you want the job to expire in this date format (1/25/02). Single job members are automatically set at 30 days.

The jobs title (max 40 characters) and the first 80 characters of the job info are the first thing a candidate sees when they search the job database. Keep this in mind when you write your job.

Typically the "job info" box covers the description, requirements and benefits of the job. It's not necessary to include contact information.

Select one or more appropriate Job Categories, Location(s) and the Type of employment. To select more than one hold down the Ctrl button.

If you have created default contacts, choose a contact from the drop down list or fill in the contact information.

You can make a job confidential. In this case, a candidate will not see your contact information or the name of your company.

You can make a job confidential. If you choose confidential a candidate will not see your contact information or the name of your company. The only way they can contact you is by sending a resume through our system. This is generally not recommended, because this will reduce the number of candidate responses.

Apply on website is a new feature. Some employers want their job candidates to apply through their online applicant system. To use this feature you first need to set up where candidates are to be directed to. Once you create your "website link(s)", this feature will be available from a dropdown near the bottom of your job posting.

When you submit your job it will be activated immediately and your job will be broadcast via Job Alert to candidates looking for positions like yours.



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