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Editing a Job       [Return to Help Desk]

To edit a job, first you must log in. Select the "Manage Jobs" button then choose, Edit / Save as / Deactivate a job posting, Delete a job posting, Reactivate a job posting, or Refresh your jobs date, from the "Job Manager".

When you click on "Edit / Save as / Deactivate a job posting" all of your job posting will be listed with links to "Edit Job:, "Save Job As" and "Deactivate Job".

When you click on "Edit Job" you can change anything on the job posting. The form is filled in as it was originally listed. Simply change the text, locations, type or contact. When you save it the changes are made immediately.

Tip! If you have a lot of jobs posted, you can sort your jobs in various ways. If your looking for a specific job you can filter using the keyword filter or sort by title or Newest/Oldest or A to Z or Z to A.

To delete a job posting, click on the link "Delete a job posting". Then find the job you want to remove and click the "Delete This Job". Warning! If you plan to use this job again in the future deactivate the job instead.

"Save Job As" allows you to take any existing job posting, copy it, edit and save as a completely new posting. This is a fast way to make a new job posting that's similar to another. When you use "Save As" your job will not be sent using Job Alert.

To "Deactivate a Job" just click on the link for the job you want to deactivate and it's done. The job is still in the system but cannot be seen by candidates.

To "Reactivate a Job" click on "Reactivate a job posting". You will see a list of inactive jobs. Click on the job you want available to candidates and it done.

After about one or two weeks your job will not get as much attention because of its age. Candidates are less likely to show interest in job that may be viewed as old. To "Refresh your jobs date" (change the date of the posting to the current date) just click on the link. A list of all jobs is shown. You can update any single job or click on the "Update All Job's Dates" link at the top of the page to refresh all of your jobs.

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