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Some employers want the option available, where the only way a candidate can apply, is through their own online applicant system. With this feature you can forward candidates interested in your job posting, directly to your website.


1. Log in, choose "Manage Jobs" and select the "Manage Website Links" option. This is how you will set up where candidates are directed to, within your website.

2. Click "Add Posting Link" and a small form will load. Type in the name you want for the link (i.e. "Apply online at our website", or "please use our online applicant system") it can be whatever you want up to 50 character's. The "link description" is what the candidate sees on the bottom of your job postings. It will be a "hot link" that will direct them to your website. Please note: If you choose this option, it will be the only way a candidate can contact you. The second field is the URL (link) where candidates will be directed in your website. We recommend directing them directly to your applicant system. Navigate to your applicant system within your website, copy the URL (link address) and paste it into the link field. Your link may look something like this:

This way candidates will not need to navigate your website to find how they need to apply. You can setup more than one website link, some employers have a different applicant process for each job type. Set up a link for each location and once they are set up you can choose from a drop down list when you post a job. You can add as many of few as you want.

3. Some employers have asked that candidates apply only by email, with an attachment. Here is how you can set up an email only link. As with above create a link description telling candidates how you want them to contact you (i.e. Click on this link , attach your resume and email it to us). In the "link" field add your email like this:


Once set up, you can select this feature when posting a job.


1. After setting up the website links to your applicant system, you will find a new dropdown and button selection on the bottom of your job posting. From the dropdown, select the link location you set up for your applicant system and click the radio button that says "apply via website". Now when you save the job, candidates will go to your website to apply.

Please let us know if this feature works the way you want it to, or if you have suggestions on how to make it better, please let us know

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