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Default contacts allows you to create contact information for job postings that you will likely use over and over. This is a great time saver because when you post a job, you simply select the contact from a drop down list.

To create a new contact, first you must log in. Select the "Manage Jobs" button then choose "Manage Default Contacts" from the "Job Manager".

Setting up a new contact is very easy. If you post jobs for various departments or managers, assistants or others, you can set them up ahead. This allows you to choose contacts from a drop down list the next time you post a job. No need to retype!

Choose "Add New Contacts" enter a contact name or department as a title (i.e.John Smith) and enter the contact information. Submit the changes and it is immediately available the next time you post a job.

You can also edit and remove contacts as needed.

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